Canvas Solaris have strayed from the technical death metal sound that originally defined their music, emerging as progressive instrumentalists with a heavy Swedish influence. Their latest release, Irradiance, delivers an inspiring blend of melodic metal with an experimental ambience that is, on all accounts, an enthralling sonic experience.

Irradiance successfully spotlights each instrumentalist throughout the course of the disc, though the guitar work of Nathan Sapp and Chris Rushing remains the chief focal point. Speed is perhaps the most impressive aspect of their efforts, which combines with varied effects and layering techniques for a solid, robust feel.

Canvas Solaris - Irradiance

Perfectly accompanying the duo’s virtuosity, bassist Gael Pirlot pairs a light, lucid bass tone that compliments and radiates interchangeably. While his style exudes a more simplistic air, his talent is wholly evident and fully rounds out the effort.

Structurally, each song follows a textbook framework and focuses heavily on layers and progressive riffs. The use of atypical instruments, such as organs and varied percussives, adds an unexpected, ominous element that is overall well-executed.

What Canvas Solaris has accomplished with their fifth studio release is a captivating instrumental composition that is wholly absorbing from start to finish. By restructuring their sound and expanding upon their technique, the Statesboro natives have produced a mature, distinguished effort that thoroughly delivers.


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