We’ve all used Youtube to find the best of the best: cat videos, Southern leprechaun hunts, even the great debacle known as “Two Girls, One Cup,” which will henceforth be off the table for discussion, thank you. But, alas, Youtube is also proving to be quite the machine for majestic musical success as well! Men and women from all walks of webcam have kick-started careers from coast to coast in the most fantastic display of what the “American Dream” truly is.

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While there are millions of musicians on the site, I’ve taken on the arduous task of narrowing them down to compile a Top Five: Youtube Music Stars. Because we are dealing with so many singers, we shall take a special two-part look at both the star-studded men and women Youtube amateurs. I highly encourage you all to send in your favorite videos; solo artists, family bands, even keyboard cats! Without further ado, let’s talk some of my personal favorites in the world of women web video artists.

5. Cimorelli
I can’t tell if I am freaked out by these power pals or if I admire their parents for creating such sparkling siblings. The Cimorelli siblings have an entire Youtube channel of their own a capella versions of popular hits and harmonious blends. Outnumbering their charming brother Mike, the five Cimorelli girls have an unmatched collective cohesion. They truly are rather amazing, not only as artists but also as respectful kids! My recommendation by the Cimorelli clan? Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.”

4. Melissa Foye
I stumbled upon this songstress by chance while watching covers of The Cars classic “Just What I Needed” and instantly fell in love. A stunning alto behind a set of ivory keys, Melissa Foye is not only passionate, but also a performer of the highest Youtube magnitude; she really looks like she’s bleeding her solo songs. As well, her rendition of Coheed & Cambria’s “The Suffering” is simply breathtaking. I could listen to it all day, and I advise you to do the same!

3. Kina Grannis
Let’s talk soul. Kina Grannis is soulful, sweet, and hard to beat! She has one of the most original voices I’ve ever heard, a luscious lullaby behind a soft set of acoustics. Grannis also gets kudos for choosing great songs to cover; artists like Eisley and Bon Iver are featured in her collection. However, she is much more than a cover artist. Check out Grannis’ original “Valentine” for a great song and equally precious video!

2. Julia Nunes
Julia Nunes is the epitome of the power behind Youtube these days for musicians. After building an outstanding fan base, Nunes was invited to tour with Ben Folds and even booked Bonnaroo among other musical festivals. Julia is living the dream! She coined her own style of video editing, building a sort of self-supportive harmonic symphony. As well, I think it’s safe to say Julia made the ukulele the best instrument for radical renditions. Check out her full-length albums on iTunes as well. Here’s to you, Julia Nunes!

1. Allison Weiss
A graphic art student in Atlanta, Allison Weiss has been on my radar for the past year or so. After making waves on Youtube, Weiss went on to play in the finals of the prestigious national Campus Music Fest, a competition for the best and brightest in college musicians. Weiss, quite literally, is just an adorable, awestruck talent. There is quite a creative mind behind those big, signature frames, and I would have to put my money on Weiss as the up-and-coming professional candidate of our generation!