With April serving as “Keep America Beautiful” month, there are many things in America we must strive to achieve in order to make this nation completely kick ass. Some of these things, surprisingly enough, are already lingering in the woodwork of America The Beautiful, but we must all pull together to prop them up like the prized possessions they are.

With this is mind, why not follow the lead of LA Music Blog and celebrate all the walks of musical inspiration? Why not showcase your favorite up-and-coming musicians, the kids of rock, rap, and country rodeo. The youth in music education have such an unimaginable amount of promise, if not in musical ambition, in life skills and progressive creative thinking.

Sadly, due to budget crises (I’m talking to you especially, Los Angeles), many programs are being cut and thus music is kept out of the schools. So think back to middle school choir and relive your youthful yelling in the key of a ToTo hit your music teacher thought was “Here to stay.” Recapture that day you picked up your first guitar. Remember what music has done for you over the years and return the favor by checking out the Top Five (out of thousands of deserving): Musical Charities and Programs Destined For Greatness.

Save The Music Foundation

Focusing on the integration of instrumental bands in education systems nationwide, Save The Music is out to turn “band geek” into “totally chic.” With acclaimed success due to copious amounts of advertising on its mother network, VH1, Save The Music is quite possibly the most recognizable name on the market for musical salvation.
Save the Music Foundation

The Chopin Foundation of the United States

Focusing exclusively on the development of classical musicians, The Chopin Foundation is a simply revolutionary charity. It seems classical music is a lost passion among the youth these days, yet The Chopin Foundation is destined to find a new outlet for budding Beethovens all over this great land. Offering scholarships, opportunities, and even inter-foundation competitions, Chopin not only captures the classical musician in all of its students, but also goes the extra mile to challenge them as well. The diligence and drive of this foundation is almost unmatched in the world of rightful doing these days.
The Chopin Foundation


FutureStage is a remarkably successful fine arts education foundation that is funding music and musical theater programs in more than 125 public schools nationwide. With major celebrity names attached, such as Jamie Foxx and David Hyde Pierce, FutureStage has found some phenomenal foundation with millions of dollars in donations. FutureStage is not holding onto the cash by any means, however, handing out nearly 1,200 instruments to schools from coast to coast and funding the publishing of student plays for future production and revenue. FutureStage is a foundation on track to becoming one of the most influential prophets of fine arts education and extra curricular curriculum.

Fender Music Foundation

The great thing about this foundation is that because it is directly connected to Fender Guitars, it is a group that knows a thing or two about siesta value in relation to sales, interest, and advocacy. Fender can pinpoint facts and focus on teaching everyone how to rock out with their best creative juices flowing! It’s hard to find such a global force with a truly heart filled charity, yet Fender somehow pulls it off. In true “School of Rock” fashion, Fender is teaching kids to connect with their amps and make some noise for a newfound passion!
Fender Music Foundation

Americans For The Arts

The great thing about this charity is the fact that it is not musically specific; it aims to incorporate literature, drama, and music all into one melting pot of creative well-being. As a member of Americans For The Arts, I can safely say this group is not just a group of people looking for a few more classes here or there; they are an uncannily organized band of brothers looking for not only education in the arts, but also an understanding as to why arts are so vital for everyone, not just the youth. A fantastic group of individuals whose persistent passion is an example for anyone whose ever believed in anything.
Americans for the Arts