Since the demise of Pantera and the death of guitarist Dimebag Darrell, the band’s three surviving members have been able to sustain success through their own subsequent musical endeavors, some more memorable than others.

Arms of the Sun

Vocalist Phil Anselmo has led the pack with such critically acclaimed pet projects as Down, Arson Anthem, and Superjoint Ritual. However, the success of his more obscure work (Viking Crown, Christ Inversion) can be overwhelmingly credited to the fact that they carry his name, as the musicianship and production quality are blatantly lacking.

Vinnie Paul Abbott’s Damageplan was essentially regarded as a vocally lackluster Pantera, although it is unknown what direction the band was moving toward prior to Dimebag’s murder. Hellyeah unfortunately formed soon thereafter, somewhat blemishing Vinnie Paul’s track record.

Bassist Rex Brown has maintained a rather low profile following Pantera’s breakup, although his work with Down and various guest appearances (Jerry Cantrell, Cavalera Conspiracy, Crowbar) have kept him more than busy. Following a 2009 bout with acute pancreatitis, Rex has returned to music with his new band, Arms of the Sun.

Arms of the Sun

Recorded at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Recording Studio in Austin, Arms of the Sun have just completed work on their debut album, set for release through Extreme Music. The project is executive-produced by Sir George Martin (The Beatles) and Mark Ross for the Grandmaster Series, which celebrates four of the world’s top producers spanning from the ‘60s through the ‘90s, including Sir George himself, Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones), Jack Douglas (Aerosmith), and Hugh Padgham (The Police).

Arms of the Sun are gearing up for their live debut on April 17th in Dallas, Texas. Their first single, “March of the Dolls,” is currently streaming on the band’s MySpace page.

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