I’ve personally considered the genre of “progressive” rock dead for a good 20+ years now, but the music Squidbucket presents can truly be considered progressive.


Squidbucket melts the genre-separating walls between experimental progressive rock and at times circus-style melodies, invoking the frantic, wandering lines of Primus and the dark tone sensibilities and time signature switch-ups of bands like Dillinger Escape Plan or Tool. Founder and guitarist Jason Erwin shredded his guitar with melodies that make it clear what it would sound like if Les Claypool had decided to play guitar instead of bass and joined Tool.

Being an instrumental band (though they are actively searching for a fitting singer) can be a challenge nowadays, but there’s something special about the way the songs take you on a journey, bouncing between fanciful melodic riffs and pounding, driving rhythms. If you have the chance to check them out, I suggest it.

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