While most bands that release a self-titled album do so early in their careers, the Grammy-nominated metal gods of Mudvayne decided to wait until their fifth studio release to forgo the naming process. No, their creative juices haven’t ceased to flow after 2008’s The New Game; they just knew that this was the album that was worthy of the Mudvayne title.

The band also decided that it deserved a little something extra in the way of packaging, so when the album drops December 21st fans are being given the option to pick up a deluxe version packaged with a black light or a super deluxe edition that features a larger black light, a special edition blacklight-reactive poster, and more. I suggest you go with the “and more” option.


Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett was kind enough to answer a few questions for LA Music Blog’s readers about the group’s songwriting process, the new album, and the tattoo artist who contributed to it.

What made Mudyane want to release a self-titled album this far into your careers?

We get that question a lot actually. I think the explanation for the self-titled record is I think this is where Mudvayne is at. This is Mudvayne. This record is Mudvayne. If you want to describe Mudvayne, this record describes Mudvayne. It’s what we sound like and everything, because we’ve taken the last four albums and put it all into one record, and that’s this one.

What differences do you think the fans will notice on this album that they might not have heard on previous albums?

You know, there’s nothing drastic. There’s gonna be some heavier tracks and some mellower tracks.

The album will have blacklight-reactive packaging. Who came up with that idea?

Chad actually was talking about it. We pitched the label about it to see if they could print the reactive ink or whatever, and they were totally into it. We got it all together, and it’s badass.

Who designed it?

Actually Paul Booth.

He’s a tattoo artist, correct?


Has he done any work with the band in the past?

Nope, but he has tattooed a couple guys in the band. It was actually the label’s idea to get him involved. He was really receptive to it. He took it on his own.

You guys worked with Jeremy Parker on this album. What was that like?

Jeremy is great, man. He’s been Dave Portman’s right-hand guy for a long time. They get along really great. He’s just a great dude.

What do you feel he brought to the table?

His skills. His ideas. He has a great ear for music. We’ve [worked] with him for five year or so. He feels like a fifth member of the band.

Do you feel like the band’s songwriting process has changed over the years?

Nah, man. I think it’s the same. It’s just easier to do it now because we’ve been touring for ten years. We know each other.

What does Mudvayne have in the works for 2010?

I don’t know yet. We’re actually waiting to see what will happen. Right now we’re just concentrating on the release and we’ll see.

The album drops on December 21st. Do you have any special release packaging planned?

There’s a deluxe edition, a box edition, t-shirts, the whole blacklight theme, and a huge Mudvayne blacklight that comes in it. There are a few packages, actually. You can see it all on our website.

Are you currently touring for this album?

We’re actually off right now. We’re just concentrating on the release.

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