I know writing about music isn’t exactly brain surgery, but I still feel a certain level of responsibility in my position. While there’s no likelihood of you being lobotomized if my review of Jaime T.’s “Kings and Queens” isn’t quite up to snuff, something almost as bad could happen: you won’t check out the album. Devastating. The thought sends shivers down my spine.

I have only a few paragraphs to sum up the awesomeness that this Brit has packed into the follow-up to his 2007 gold-selling debut album, “Panic Prevention.” Where to begin?? I could start with the rhymes that are delivered with both the rhythm of a metronome and the slurred snarl of punk rock. Or maybe discuss the tracks on this album that bear the influence of the artist’s recently love affair with American folk. The songs that make me want to bust out dance moves that I in no way possess are definitely worth mentioning. I guess I’ll just take a deep breath and start the same place the surgeon starts: the first cut.

Jamie T.

Like most of the songs on the album, the opener, “368,” showcases Jamie T.’s ability to combine alleyway-dark themes with dance-inducing beats and lyrics so catchy they should be quarantined. For a song about drug addiction, this track sure does make me want to move. A few other songs on this album that keep my head bopping? “Chaka Demas,” “Castro Dies,” and “Earth, Wind, and Fire.” Give those a listen and I guarantee you’ll at least be tapping your toes. If you’re not really the toe-tapping type, listen to “Emily’s Heart” and “Jilly Armeen.” Then send Bob Dylan a thank you. According to Jamie T., his discovery of Dylan inspired these acoustic tracks and also “ruined [his] life for a bit.” While strumming a guitar and showing us that his vocal chords are good for more than laying down rhymes, Jamie T. achieves what he set out to with this record: “[get] people to accept that [he’s] not going to do the same thing over and over again.” Let’s hope my review accomplished what I set out to do: get you to check out this amazing album.

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