In the metal genre, one name always generates a lot of buzz whenever it is dropped. That name is Cavalera. This name has come to command the attention of diehard fans of such great bands as Soulfly, Sepultura, and more recently, the Cavalera Conspiracy. The sort of genius that comes with this name is spawned from its owner, Max Cavalera.

Known for having excellent taste, a great live show, and an always changing but still distinct sound, Max has been wowing the community for years. Recently Max’s son Richie Cavalera decided it was time to branch out on his own and create something equally exciting, a band by the name of Incite. Incite has just reordered their debut album, “The Slaughter,” and after hearing a few tidbits from the album, my brain was racing. I knew I needed to track down Richie and pick his brain a bit to find out just how he came up with this delicious slice to newness.


Hey, it’s Jamie with LA Music Blog. How are you doing?

I am excellent! Everything is all good. Just hanging out and getting ready for another show. Out promoting the band and hanging out.

That’s cool. Just street teaming it basically and getting the word out there so people have a better understanding of you?

Yeah, for sure! We’re just submitting offers for tours and just kinda waiting, so we figured we’d hit the streets. It’s cool. We’ve got a lot of people coming to us in every city trying to get more information and flyers to hand out in their hometowns, so hopefully we’ll get a good buzz going.

What have you been up to lately? Just trying to get the word out there?

Oh for sure! As well as practicing and just gearing up for whatever tours do come up. We do have a couple of local shows in our hometown of Phoenix, AZ. Ya know, just kinda hangin’ out and bringing the band back together after a long break after recording. It’s cool. Everything is just starting to get rolling again. We had to deal with contract negations, which took a little bit of time.

Oh yes! Those are always fun!

Yeah, they’re pretty rough!

So are you guys still in any sort of writing process or are you just promoting?

Just promoting. The whole album is done. It’s coming out October 20. We just got these download for free cards that will let you download the single for free. Just been getting a few of those out so people can hear the new stuff.

That’s very cool! Can we put a link to that or do we have to have the card?

Right now you have to have the card for that, but I think I can find out the link for you guys and shoot an email with it. You can also hear it on our MySpace page.

That would be awesome. For those that don’t know, what’s the name of your single?

It’s the title track to our new album called, “The Slaughter.” We’ve been jawin about it for like the last three weeks about which song and finally everybody came to a good conclusion, which I am very happy with. It’s gonna be cool!

Where did you get most of your inspiration for this album?

A lot of it was growing up and watching a lot of horror movies, and I’m really big on the History Channel and watching end of the world stories.

Very nice! I am actually a History Channel Club Lifetime Member! Hah.

Definitely! I love it! And I’ve just had a real crazy life so a little of that is in the album as well. I think that people will have a lot to relate to with it.

Do your parents, Max Cavalera (of Soulfly/Sepultura) and Gloria (the band’s manager), give you much input or feedback into what you write and put out there? Or do you just write it and say, “This is how it’s going to be”?

That’s exactly what we do. They don’t really wanna step in on what we’re doing too much other than if we need a little help or if something is really bothering us or it’s something we can’t really figure out. Then they’re awesome to step in, but music-wise we were able to go in and just do what we really wanted to do and what felt good to us. We really enjoy having that kind of support and relationship with them, for sure.

I’m sure it’s gotta be handy having a veteran available also that you can go to and say, “Hey, this is not working. What can we do? Please help us.”

Oh for sure! Yes! We haven’t really gone to them ever to ask them any of that. Max is really big on us doing it ourselves, and we’re big on that as well. We’re all musicians and we want to be happy with what we’re doing rather than what everyone else is happy with.

Definitely. Ultimately it’s you guys that have to be happy with what you’re putting out there because it’s your name. So what are you listening to lately?

I’m into a lot of pretty weird bands. I like Suicide Silence a lot. They’re big right now for me.

Oh yeah. I just got off a tour with them. I was really impressed with them.

Yeah, they’re a killer group. Killer group. I’ve also been listening to a lot of old school stuff like Lynard Skynard, Jimmy Hendrix, and a lot more of the 90s stuff like Faith No More. I’m really just a music fan all in all. I am not a fan of country though (laughs). As long as it’s got a good groove and it’s good music, I’m totally down for it.

Do you feel that any of that comes through on the album?

Obituary’s “Chopped in Half” is something that I listened to a lot during the recording and during the writing. I just love his vocal sound and the riffs that they come up with. I just think they’re one of the really cool old school bands that still do it today.

What led you to call your new album “The Slaughter”?

Pretty much just a whole lot of death in the family and once again being a big fan of murder. I think it was a strong explanation of what this band is and how we are live. I thought it was a really strong title for the first album, and it flowed so well with Incite. Incite, “The Slaughter.” The second I said it I just fell in love with it from the beginning.

It’s so cool that it worked out like that. A lot of the time you don’t get that, but it’s cool that it worked out straight away for you.

Yeah! That’s what I’ve loved about this band so far. There’s never been any pressure or a rushed feeling or anything like that. We’ve totally been able to go at our own pace and do everything comfortably and be satisfied with everything. It just helps everything that you try to do in a band, for sure.

Do you guys work really well writing together? You all have your own input?

Yeah! We’ll sit around in our jam room and we’ll just stare at the guitar player and pound our fists and look at him and make him just come up with riffs and then we kinda just feed off of that (laughs). Nah, he’s the man. We love the kinda style that he brings. He’s a big Buckethead fan and a big Mark Rizzo fan. A big solo artist kinda guy. He really ventures into all that. We love the kind of music that he writes. Everything that he puts forward we’re just so thrilled to lay on top of it and do our part. It’s the happiest band that I’ve ever been in. We come off stage every night and everyone is happy and no one complains about anything, no matter what happens. I’ve never felt that with a group until now.

That’s really great. Especially considering how dark your music is. You guys can still stay so upbeat about things.

Yeah, it’s fun! They’re my best friends in the world. We really work well together I think. Most bands, it’s hard for that to work, to bring four or five different mentalities into a band, but we really mesh well. A bunch of us live together. We were really good friends before the band. It really makes it all easier.

Of all the other bands/artists/musicians, what song do you wish you had written?

Ah geez! I was just talking about that the other day with my guitar player! I was just like, “Man! I wish I had written this song!” I’m kinda drawing a blank right now! It was really old school. I would have to say, I’d say, “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zepplin. Or, let’s go a little crazier, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Just for the fact to think about where those guys started in that song to come up with that song, and the lyrics that he used in the beginning verses are some of the deepest lyrics that I think I’ve ever heard, for sure. That’s definitely a good one for me.

I definitely didn’t expect that!

Yeah! They just blow my mind! Like, where did they start that song in recording or writing to come to the point that that song does is just unbelievable. Probably a few fist fights over that!

Any advice for up-and-coming artists or kids who one day dream about being in the biz and want to do what you’re doing?

Yeah! You need to get on tour any way possible! Sell blood, sell your soul! You really have to. A lot of bands that I know and that I have seen get stuck in a local scene and they don’t deserve to be just there. I think a lot of bands out there just need to work hard and not give up because you go through crazy things in a band. There’s a lot of times you want to just stop it, but if you love what you’re doing and enjoy every day you’ll be just fine.

Do you think that’s the hardest part, getting the word out?

OH YEAH! Of course! A lot of those bands will sell out a thousand tickets in their hometown and will never leave that city and never get their band out to the people in the world. I think that just happens to so many bands.

If there was anyone out there touring right now that you could pick to tour with, who would you pick?

WOW! I’d have to say Five Finger Death Punch. I just saw them live like three days ago. Right now I think they’re one of the tightest and most solid bands on stage, and I’d like to play with them. I think it makes you better in the long run to play with the best and to play against some of the top bands out there. It’s really cool. Ivan is one of the coolest guys that I’ve ever met. We got to party with them in Japan and hope to do some more partying down the road.

Do you think with the upcoming tours and upcoming Inctie albums that you’ll do a lot more collaboration with Max on his different projects?

I’m not going to say never because I love to work with Max. I love that he’s a part of my life. He’s one of the greatest musicians and the greatest fathers. I’m really lucky to have someone like him in my life. There is always a chance that me and Max will do something.

So far, to me, it seems like you guys are very close knit family, which is nice to see because you don’t see that a lot in music.

That’s one thing that we love. I’m out here spreading the word and spending time with the family. It’s really cool because the other bands come in and join the tours, and they get to see all the family values that we have. I think that it makes for a great tour. And like you said, it’s something you don’t see in music, let alone metal. It’s hard when your family tours, and you don’t get to see your parents. It’s good to tour whenever you can with your family.

If you have a family of your own is that something that you think you would choose to do?

I would probably wait a longer time. I wanna have fun and travel the world and explore more before I get involved with that. But definitely I encourage that. I’d like to have a bus with just my family on it one day, for sure. It’s definitely part of the goal.

Any parting words of wisdom or anything else that you would like to add?

Yeah! I’d like to say thank you so much from Incite! We’re coming to a city near you to unleash the slaughter. The album is in stores October 20th and thank you guys so much for all your support.

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today. I look forward to the album and hopefully I will get to work more with you guys in the future.

Hell yeah! Thank you so much again and have a great day!

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