Recently I was presented with a CD that I will now be adding to the “obsession” playlist on my iPod. On first listen I thought I had accidentally opened my ‘80s playlist. Then I told myself that no, that wasn’t right. It must have been my “chicks dancing in their undies” mix (after all, I am female and know what we like to dance to in our undies). It was then that I realized that I had actually clicked on the little file folder labeled “Sweet Cyanide” and had just been given something juicy to sink my canines into.

Sweet Cyanide

The second that vocalist Sal Scoca opens that delectable mouth your ears are immediately hijacked on what promises to be a smooth and satisfying ride. Commanding your attention with a bevy of guitar solos compliments of Mr. Scoca and Joe Salvatore, smoldering vocals, funk-inspired basslines (thank you, Angelo Fariello), and ever enthusiastic drum beats from Mike Bambace. Sweet Cyanide has managed to do something that so many blossoming bands have been unable to do, which is especially impressive since their birth was a mere SIX MONTHS ago: they have created a delicious little slice of newness sans the typical one-hit-wonder most artists rely on.

From the first track, “Crash Theory,” clear through to the brilliant and haunting closer, ”When We Were Young,” the band grabs hold and delivers. It’s hard to ignore the urge to get up and dance and play your air guitar and maybe even pump your fist during the SugarCult-esque moments, especially on my personal favorite, “Heartbreaker.” The bastard love child of two respected bands in the NYC scene, Crashbox and Moment Theory, Sweet Cyanide has definitely won the respect and admiration of their peers, and after listening to this ever impressive self-titled debut it’s easy to see why! This album is pure gold and no filler and a very much needed breath of fun fresh air. So grab your significant other and go give these brilliant boys a listen. You will not be disappointed.

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