I recently finished a few days on the Pedal to the Metal Tour with veterans Mudvayne, Static-X, and Black Label Society, some newer fellows called Suicide Silence, and the ever-popular sideshow—literally—Hellzapoppin…then there is Bury Your Dead. Quiet, soft-spoken, and polite, I am sad to say that I almost overlooked them on such a loud tour.

They were brought to my attention by their tour manager, a very charming and handsome man by the name of Phoenix (be on the lookout for this one, ladies!). After speaking with Phoenix, I decided to do a little more digging into the world that is Bury Your Dead. This led to me geeking over both crazy cool, strictly old school Transformer tattoos with guitarist Chris Towning and the group’s newest album, “It’s Nothing Personal” (Victory Records, 2009).

Bury Your Dead

Plugging myself into this album, I was instantly hooked. These Boston, MA boys deliver the goods on an album that has it all: searing and often haunting vocals from the very talented Myke Terry (as heard in my personal favorite song, “Lion’s Den”), some of the most impressive drumming that I’ve experienced in a long, long time courtesy of Mark Castillo (“The Great Demonizer” will blow your mind), bass lines that command the ladies to wiggle their hips from the baby-faced Aaron “Bubble” Patrick (I know—I giggled too), and intricate riffs from the previously mentioned Chris Towning and Brendan “Slim” Macdonald. They even threw in a little piano work on “Enough,” and I’m happy to say that I’ve FINALLY found someone who is still making poetry in their music with some of the most penetrating lyrics to hit the scene in years. The melodies laced with pure grinding metal and the smooth vocals on this album are highly addictive.

Having undergone numerous roster changes over the years, I feel that this lineup works the best for the boys. They are syncopated in a way that is often rare in the genre, seemingly made for one another. After dissecting this album for a few days, I decided to get in touch with Mr. Phoenix and see if the boys would be kind enough to oblige me in some of my less-annoying questions about this little bit of perfection. Since they are gentlemen, they decided to hook a geek up.

Explain your progression to me. You’ve evolved so far beyond your first 5 albums, it’s quite stunning.

Myke Terry: Thank you. I think that our progression resembles our ever-evolving taste in music. As you grow older, you learn different things; you experience so many different sounds/styles of playing. It logically follows that as an artist, you take away from that what you learn and apply it to what you’re currently involved with, which has brought us to where we are today.

Is there an overall inspiration for this album?

MT: I would have to say that our main inspiration for the album was the culmination of everything we had endured over the year prior as a band and personally.

Do you think that the current lineup is the best yet?

MT: I would have to say yes. This band is a completely different beast as opposed to 2007 BYD or even 2004 BYD. We all mesh well and flow together. This band is a cohesive unit of teammates that have each other’s back no matter what. Through thick and thin, we share the same goals and same vision. That’s important to have in a situation like this. A house divided cannot stand, ya know?

Do any of you do anything “special” during the writing process?

MT: Crack a lot of bad jokes, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and laugh excessively. Every now and then, we throw some actual recording in there (laughs).

Anything else that you would like to add in? I will make it work no matter how ridiculous it is.

MT: You can’t teach a penguin Chinese checkers, and a cheetah is never going to go ice skating. Even the happiest clowns gotta frown sometimes, but just make sure you know you may be able to tune a piano, but you can’t tune a fish!

Myke Terry for president. Thank you, and goodnight.

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